Valeriana (valeriana) wrote in loeildelesprit,

A couple of spells/charms if you will;)

Travel to Mother Spell

To show your appreciation for the fall harvest, find a tree that you can commune with in private.

Walk up to the tree, sensing the presence of Mother Earth in it.

Ask the tree if you may enter its aura, then sit with your back against the tree.

Reflect on the harvest, then listen to what the Mother says to you.

Give the tree a stick of plant food by pressing it into the earth at its roots.

Give yourself a hug for what you've learned.


Cinnamon Charm for Cash

(Especially since we could ALL use a little extra, eh?)

Cinnamon attracts cash.

Make a cinnamon charm by placing a stick of cinnamon in a small bag made of red cloth.

Add a bay leaf and some fennel seeds to strengthen the charm.

Keep the bag in a safe place.

*Brightest blessngs y'all:)*
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