Valeriana (valeriana) wrote in loeildelesprit,

I thought some of us could use this particular spell *smiles*

This spell will help you when you have the blues.

It is especially helpful if your Sun is a water sign.

If you have a small decorative fountain, you can use that.

If you don't make your own in your kitchen sink by stacking a cup and saucer over a soup bowl on top of a plate.

Put stones in the cup, on the saucer, and on the plate.

Invite Branwen or the sea spirit of your choice to join you.

Run the water, and listen to the rhythms of the water.

After awhile, start humming or singing along, or counterpoint the rhythm by tapping on the counter or edge of the sink.

Go with the flow, and let the water wash your blues away!

*brightest blessings!!*
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