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Quote and a question...

Because one man or woman capitalizes the first letter of the word 'god,' and
another prefers to say Jesus instead of Llew, Apollo, Arthur or Horus does
not make him or her a better or more enlightened person, for in the final
analysis it will not be the names, fashions, political expediencies or
earthly dogmas of the human collective that will be the deciding factor, but
the truth, light and love in the heart of the individual for his or her god
or goddess.

--Murry Hope in _Practical Celtic Magic_

I believe this quote to be true, it just resonates within me...hence the reason I posted it.

And now, in the same vein, the question is: Patron deities? Who do you most strongly identify with? Who do you work with the most? Who would you like to work with?

hehe...sorry...that turned into more than one question didn't it?

*Brightest blessings:)*
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