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Feely Runes

I see no ones postd here for a wile so I thought i'd post something.

I have been wanting to get some sort of tool for future pradictions and such but tarot cards are a bad idea as i tend to have trouble with my sight a d braillein on the cards might ruin a butiful set so I have ben lookng for a good set of runes. the first set i've seen was a set with those large ish glass beads that you put in glass bowls to make it look nice all painted with runes but it wasn't nealy feely enough. if te runes were calved or ingravd in the glass i'd have got the red set but thay wernt. I now have a nice purple amerthyst set with the runes ingraved intot the stones and panted gold the gold paint isn't important buthe fact that its ingraved into the stones is. its not perict and it takes a little time to feel the exact shape of the rune in question but it works. and i had a book to go with the pertiuler set so i'm lerning from the book when i can read it and other times my boyfriend reads it out even thoug i'd love to get a braille book though i've not seen one.
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