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On Sci-fi's New Level of Lowliness... (or should I say "misinformed, ignorant exploitation")??

Special thanks to mandapandabear for bringing this to our attention...

Please read the following excerpts of the link below (with a link to a petition against it following
the excerpt), to better explain what Sci-Fi and USA Network is about to put forth:

"The following is an excerpt from the casting call via

"New reality based TV show for the Sci Fi Channel is looking for a
practicing Wiccan who can cast spells and conduct moonlit rituals. We are
scouring the country to put together a group of outrageous, eccentric and
entertaining individuals who live very alternative lifestyles . We are
specifically looking for people whose unusual lifestyle is incorporated into
every aspect of their lives - no 'bankers by day/witch by night'."

The following is a summary of the program via

"This show puts contestants into Alt Manor, a house inhabited by a vampire,
a witch, a voodoo priest, a yoga master and a psychic, where the contestants
must compete in a series of increasingly bizarre challenges to claim a grand


The link I am referring to is:

There is apparently already one petition out against this type of show. Any
thoughts on what more to do?

Yours contemplatively,
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